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Skeletons are pretty cool.

So is this game.


here from Bogleech and man this seems awesome. I have to buy it sometime

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This game is a Hidden Gem, bought and played it on steam and is a whole new experience of playing a roguelike game. 9/10


This is crazy

Has the game been updated yet?


Hey, quick question, will the version get the content update on the 23rd? Many thanks



Awesome, thank you :)


nope 😭

I can't seem to install the game, is there an issue going on?

Hey Dr. Mako.

I have responded to your email about the issue.

-Maceo (Game Designer/Game Artist)


Another absolutely amazing game, I've only made my way through the first couple of areas but I instantly fell in love with this!! 


Maaaaaaan, why does it have to cost money?  I'd totally play this lol.


because it was time and effort to make this for you to enjoy. Support the dev you like content from so they can make more content you enjoy. 


the way you typed that makes it sound rude, plus some people just don’t have money to spend on games, sadly.


This game is such a gem! Play it! It's so original and so carefully crafted. It takes the classic (and really boring) JRPG mechanic, leaves just a few small things, the rest throws out the window, to replace it with an original and engaging combat mechanic that forces you to consider your steps rather than just spamming the best skill until you'll run out of mana or whatever. And the art, the VFX are sooo good. And the soundtrack is just perfect. I'm leaving reviews whenever I can and recommend it to all my friends. This is just top-tier game design, you're the new Edmund McMillen. Great respect to everyone that have crafted this masterpiece.


wow this looks great, if only it wasn't another turn-based rpg


Hey huzelbuzel,

Glad to hear you like the look of Brutal Orchestra!

I understand your frustration with plethora of similar turn-based RPG's, especially here on Itch, but I think you would be glad to find that Brutal Orchestra has very little mechanically in common with RPG-maker projects or JRPG games.

Brutal Orchestra plays much more similarly to games like "Into the Breach", "Darkest Dungeon" or "Slay the Spire".

Thanks again,

-Maceo (Game Designer/Game Artist)


I'll take your word for it, dev

You mean it wasn't inspired by LISA? It's like a spiritual successor in terms of gameplay


Mechanically Brutal Orchestra and Lisa the Painful/Joyful play very differently. Brutal Orchestra has a focus on enemy prediction/positioning and resource management whereas Lisa is very typical for an RPG maker JRPG.



This game is fantastic. My time in Purgatory was great, albeit never-ending... how do I get outta here?!


This game is perfect!!! MUST PLAY!